Open Up Prayer

Course material prayer coordinator

This page is intended for prayer coordinators of Open Up. It contains materials that are needed during the course.

Some materials are for the prayer coordinator. Other materials are for the prayer coordinator to distribute to the prayer parents.

Decide in advance how many prints you will need.


Introduction for the prayer coordinator. Download button

Introduction for prayer parents. Download button

Newsletters for prayer parents. Download button

At the beginning of each month, when a new chapter starts, prayer parents receive a Newsletter with the new programme of Open Up and suggestions to pray.

Print a Newsletter for all prayer parents on thick white paper, A4 size, at the beginning of each new chapter of Open Up.


Prayer hand poster. 

The Prayer Hand contains five aspects of prayer that are important to practice: to Praise God, to ask Forgiveness, to give Thanks, praying for Others and praying for Yourself. The teenagers make their own Prayer Hand with their personal topics.

Print a Prayer Hand poster for all prayer parents on thick white paper, A4 size. Distribute them to the prayer parents as soon as Open Up starts

Download button.


There are 6 video animations introducing Open Up and explaining the Prayer Hand. In the animations two teenagers talk about what prayer means to them.

Watch the first animation to get an impression of the programme and an explanation of the Prayer Hand method.

Then watch the corresponding video every month, before a new chapter of Open Up begins. Watch the videos together with the prayer parents during the monthly meetings.

Download button.